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Dance with Me ( ages 2-3 with parent or adult participant)

This class is 45 minutes and uses song and dance to introduce children to basic dance movements in a structured and nurturing setting while enhancing their motor skills as they are having fun.  Social skills of sharing, waiting on line, and taking turns are encouraged and rewarded while exploring dance activities including pre-ballet, and tumbling.


Baby Ballet and Tumble (ages 2-3)

This independent 45 minute class is similar to the Dance with Me program except that the children are participating in class without their adult.  The children are learning to use song and dance in a nurturing setting to explore basic dance movements while enhancing their motor skills and having fun. Social skills of sharing, waiting on line, and taking turns are practiced while including pre-ballet and tumbling.  Simple songs and choreography are performed in the recital to give these future stars their debut! 


Pre-School Acro (ages 2-5)           

This class is 45 minutes and designed to introduce coordination, creative movement ,and basic acrobatic skills to students. This class combines both skills of dance and gymnastics and students will also work on their motor skills, strength, and flexibility while having fun.  Basic skills such as sharing, waiting on line, and taking turns are encouraged while following the Acrobatic Arts Certification program.

Tiny Tots (ages 3-4)

This independent 1 hour program uses games and fun exercises to teach the fundamentals of dance through skipping, hopping, balancing, rhythm, and coordination exercises. Students in this creative movement class will learn ballet, tap, and tumbling, and musical expression. Simple songs and dances are presented in the recital and they will steal the show!

Kinder Dance  (ages 4-5)
This 1 hour class of ballet and tap introduces formal dance training through proper terminology and technique. It's a fun approach to fundamental ballet technique and basic tap through repetitive movement and muscle memory. Students will begin each class in a warm, friendship circle and then do beginner movements at the barre, across the floor, and in the center of the floor.  Then,  students will change into their tap shoes to learn how to create sounds and simple rhythms with their
feet! This group will perform either a ballet OR tap routine in the recital. 

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