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Ballet/Jazz Combo  (ages 8-9)

This 1.25 hour class consists of a mixture of ballet technique and jazz technique.  Students will begin to learn proper body alignment, body awareness, and poise.  This class will perform two recital dances.  

Ballet (ages 9+)

Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and develops grace, poise, and musicality. Proper body alignment, self-discipline, and posture are extremely important to this style of dance. This class focuses on technique and students will become stronger dancers from having studied ballet.  

Jazz  Intermediate - Advanced (ages 9+)

This 1 hour class is a stylistic, energetic form of dance. This style of dance helps develop coordination, strength, and controlled movement of each body part.

Tap   Beginner - Advanced (ages 8+)

This 1 hour class is a technique consisting of footwork and the expression of rhythm through sound. Technique, clarity of sounds, syncopation, precision, terminology and combinations are covered in this class. We offer styles from Broadway tap to rhythm tap.   

Hip-Hop  Intermediate - Advanced (ages 8+)

This 1 hour, high energy class embraces all styles and helps build coordination, rhythm, and strength. Dancers are encouraged to show their own personality and style while dancing to the latest music.  


Lyrical/Contemporary   Intermediate - Advanced (ages 8+)

This 1 hour class combines elements of ballet, jazz, and modern.  This is an extremely expressive dance form while maintaining classical lines and movements.  This style of dance requires strong technique.  This class requires training in ballet as a foundation to this style of dance.

Pom   Intermediate - Advanced (ages 8+)

This 1 hour class is the style of dance you would see as a half-time performance at a sporting event. This class focuses on sharpness of movements, flexibility, strength, energy, and endurance- all of which are needed to perform in front of a crowd! 

Musical Theater(ages 8+)

This 1 hour class combines dancing, signing, and acting! Music featured from classic and current Broadway musicals will be used for theater style dance.  This is great for the triple threat performer!

Acro (ages 8+)

This 1 hour class focuses on flexibility, strength, balance, muscle control, and concentration. This class combines skills of both dance and gymnastics.  Basic tumbling skills such as cartwheels, walkovers, handsprings as well as more challenging tricks will be incorporated with strength training and conditioning while following the Acrobatic Arts Certification program.    

Pre-Pointe/Pointe  (by teacher recommendation only)

Pre-Pointe and Pointe are extensions of our Ballet program.  Students must have continuous, previous ballet training and adequate physical strength especially in their ankles and feet.  Students wishing to be enrolled in Pre-Pointe or go on Pointe must be enrolled in a ballet class and our Strength and Flexibility class.  Students will be ready for Pointe at different ages. 

Note: Pointe is not a requirement and will be individually determined by our faculty's professional opinion.  Pointe is added to a student's Ballet lesson as she progresses and her programs become more intensified.  Individual progress will vary and depends largely on a student's class attendance and hard work.  

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